$6.25/hr to Six Figures Master Class

Learn how you can go from low paying jobs to a top paying career. | taught by Samantha Gregory

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Are you tired of having more month at the end of your money?

Are you tired of feeling financially stressed and desperate?

Would you like to get to bottom of why you keep having the same money issues year after year?

Can you use a roadmap to go from making slave wages to making the kind of money you've only dreamed about?

In this webinar masterclass, I share my story of how I went from $6.35/hr to six figures in my career.

  • You will learn the steps I took to go from low paying jobs to a top paying career.
  • You will learn the questions you need to ask yourself before creating a Money Master Plan.
  • I'll help you figure out the steps to creating a plan that works for you.
  • I'll challenge you with questions that will make you a little uncomfortable but will make you think realistically about your financial future.
  • I share three important ideas to get you into action.
  • You will learn the best books to read to learn more.
  • You will get the auto budget creator as a downloadable worksheet.

Enroll in this master class now and start the journey toward an elevated income and an upgraded quality of life!

Samantha Gregory
Samantha Gregory

Samantha Gregory is an author, trainer, and business consultant.

Her purpose on the planet is to encourage, inspire, and empower women, specifically single moms, to recognize their worth, embrace their freedom, and attract love (and wealth).

She is also a single mom personal finance expert and advocate/motivator for all single moms who want to thrive.

If you want to learn how to be happy and financially independent contact me at samantha@richsinglemomma.com


Samantha Gregory, Founder RichSingleMomma.com

Contact: samantha@richsinglemomma.com

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My $6 to 6-figure Success Story
Create a Money Master Plan Master Class