How to Win Child Support

Or Walk Away and Be Financially Free | taught by Samantha Gregory

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Child support is one of the biggest complaints that many single mothers have right now. The ex won't pay and the cost to take care of a child, not to mention more than one child, is skyrocketing. This one issue damages more children than can be numbered. Because single moms are stressed about finances they go on an emotional rampage against their ex, the world, and too often the kids.

How to Win Child Support was written to offer a few reasonable solutions. This course doesn't promise overnight miracles but it does provide strategies to get the support you need without going off on the deep end.
Samantha Gregory
Samantha Gregory

Samantha Gregory is an author, trainer, and business consultant.

Her purpose on the planet is to encourage, inspire, and empower women, specifically single moms, to recognize their worth, embrace their freedom, and attract love (and wealth).

She is also a single mom personal finance expert and advocate/motivator for all single moms who want to thrive.

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